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What is DNA and Why does it matter?

DNA is a molecular code that instructs cells of the body on what to make and how to behave.

Information in the DNA code forms functional units in the cell that are called genes. We all have the same genes but the exact code in them can be different.

Differences of the same genes are called alleles.  Some you can see, such as eye color and hair color.

Sometimes alleles can lead to problems in body that you can’t see. Those problems may affect your health, response to foods, and response to drugs.

Know Your Genome

Genetic testing looks for variants or alleles that may change the activity of your immune system and how your body uses food and drugs. These variants may impact lifestyle and change disease risk.

Genetic testing is useful in many areas of medicine and can change the medical care you or your family member receives to get you the best care possible.

Good reasons for getting tested

You can rarely tell if you have a genetic difference that is important to your health without genetic testing. Knowing about a genetic disorder can:

  • Inform you of potential disease or dietary problems to enable you to make choices that can save your life and the life of family members that may share that condition
  • Avoid additional clinical investigations and inform doctors of treatment guide the clinician in choosing the most suitable therapy and support for the patient
  • Help make informed choices for future family planning.

Genomic Testing Coming To CardiAI

Phase I
Beginning in Winter 2022

Cardiac Panel:
Genetic risk, Drug compatibility
Food intolerances, metabolic disorders, diabetes risk, dermatology
Genetic risk factors, tumor analysis

Phase II
Beginning in Winter 2023

Autoimmune disorders, allergy risk
Mental Health:
Neurology, drug compatibility
Fertility and reproductive health