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Calgary-based biotechnology company launches on-site
laboratory to provide rapid PCR COVID-19 testing with results within four hours

BioAro Inc. launches Rapid PCR Testing Services in the
Northwest Territories at Gahcho Kué mine.  

Calgary, Alberta (May 11, 2021) -Calgary-based Canadian healthcare innovator and biotech company, BioAro Inc., has launched an on-site COVID-19 rapid-test laboratory service at the Gahcho Kué diamond mine in the Northwest Territories (NWT), a joint venture between De Beers Group (the operator) and Mountain Province Diamonds. BioAro Inc. is a medical diagnostics technology company launched by CardiAI that is using the CoviLamp™- PCR test, along with Health Canada approved COVID-19 tests. CoviLamp™ is an innovative rapid PCR technology that uses a proprietary diagnostic process to provide highly accurate and timely results. As a proof of the effectiveness of this service, more than 1,000 tests have been successfully administered on-site since April 14, 2021, proving the feasibility of deploying this service model for rapid PCR testing to any location.

BioAro Inc. is currently providing inbound, outbound, and mid-rotation testing for personnel at Gahcho Kué, using a non-invasive and convenient saliva test. Rather than flying the samples to another Laboratory hundreds of kilometres away, the BioAro Inc. team can report within hours, freeing staff from isolation and allowing resumption of normal activities shortly after arrival. Especially important is that the results are rapidly communicated to the mine’s health and safety team, allowing them to respond quickly to a positive test outcome. De Beers has expanded the testing program to include the care and maintenance team at the Snap Lake Mine site, 80 km away.

“BioAro’s rapid PCR methods have allowed for greater productivity at the worksite as accurate test results are generated quickly with less isolation time needed, creating a sense of normalcy in spite of the pandemic. The CoviLamp™ Assay is the world’s most versatile COVID-19 test that allows us to provide rapid diagnostic laboratory testing while maintaining high sensitivity and specificity,” says Dr. Anmol Kapoor CEO, BioAro Inc.

The BioAro Inc. testing program with the CoviLamp™ test is cost effective, easily deployable and can be run on multiple platforms, providing rapid PCR test results in workplace settings. Crucially, it can also be used effectively in remote locations to support a wide range of industries including energy, mining, food processing, construction and the film industry.

“Testing employees is a critical pillar for our COVID-19 response at Gahcho Kué,” says Lyndon Clark, General Manager of Gahcho Kué mine. “By having PCR testing ability at the mine site to complement the existing wide range of measures in place to mitigate risks in relation to COVID-19, we have enhanced our ability to protect employees, their families and communities of the NWT.”

Gahcho Kué mine is located approximately 280km northeast of the NWT’s capital city, Yellowknife. The mine is accessible only by air year-round except for a short winter road season in February-March. The mine officially opened in September 2016 and provides about 600 jobs, of which half are held by residents of the NWT.

“We are honoured to be providing CoviLamp™ to the Gahcho Kué mine, and we are confident that our highly-innovative technology will detect the virus quickly so effective measures can be taken. Our goal is to get ahead of the curve with this devastating virus,” Dr. Kapoor concludes.