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Bio-Sensors Team

Dr. Raman Kaul (PhD)
Project Manager
Raman Kaul has a PhD in Molecular Biology with broad experience in Genomics, nanotechnology, biomaterial synthesis and characterization.
Dr. Razieh Salahandish (PhD)
Research Scientist
Razieh Salahandish received her PhD in Biotechnology. Her expertise lies in biosensing, nanofabrication of electrodes, microfluidic design and development.

Biochemistry Team

Margaret Renaud Young (PhD)
Research Scientist
Margaret is an expert in designing and testing electrochemical drug and toxin biosensors. Her specialization is in the field of Medicine and Chemistry.
Dr. Vivek Krishna Venu (PhD)
Research Scientist
Dr. Venu did his PhD in cardiovascular disease. His expertise lies molecular pharmacology, experimental cardiovascular medicine and therapeutics.

Biomedical Engineering Device Team

Nikhil Vastarey (MSc)
Project Manager
Nikhil is a microfluidics specialist from the University of Calgary, Electrical engineering department. He brings extensive experience in microfabrication, optical instrumentation, scaling up microfluidic devices, ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 documentation.
Jonas Teixeira (MSc)
Hardware Developer
Jonas Teixeira has a background in mechatronics, electric and computer engineering. His expertise's lies in programming, designing, planning and developing diagnostic platforms.
Evan Waddell (BSc )
Hardware Developer
Evan is an hardware developer. He brings his expertise in electronics, electrical systems and micro-electronics.
Ken Loughery (BSc)
Hardware Developer
Ken is a hardware developer. He brings his expertise in photometry systems, PCB designs and debugging and development of biomedical devices..