CardiAI™ conducts leadership by providing mentorship, guidance and a clear path to success that results in advanced healthcare solutions and improved quality of life.
We care about the world we live in. CardiAI™ promotes healthy living choices and promotes self-aware and self-sufficient patients for a healthier community.
CardiAI™ believes in providing simplified health solution ​ and we continually focus on challenges of the unique needs of people. The innovation of AI is specifically designed to achieve an affordable and informative advanced healthcare management system. We energize our organization by enhancing the lives of those we serve, through the innovation of unique, educated and remarkable abilities of our Team.
CardiAI™ adherers to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our people have in CardiAI™ to support their health.
At CardiAI™ we are constantly in pursuit of excellence every day and in everything, we do to ensure execution of the highest standards in the business; “EXCELLENCE is not a skill, it’s an attitude” – it is the result of constantly striving to achieve highest standards that exceed targets and objectives.
Our technology and Artificial Intelligence provide us with the capability of achieving a high level of accuracy and precision. Our accuracy consists of trueness proximity of measurement results to the true value and precision; repeatability or reproducibility that transforms to confidence in our device


CardiAI™ is a leading-edge innovator of AI technology that will inspire humanity, create early opportunities to mitigate health risks and contribute to the health and well-being of generations. Providing an advanced artificial intelligence device with lucid goals. With our Quantifiable precision and accuracy, we will immerse a positive influence, reduce costs to healthcare and conclusively influence our health infrastructure. To achieve this initiative will ultimately save lives around the world.


To Enrich people’s lives by achieving efficient and cost-effective smart triaging management and utilizing the power of AI technology.

About CardiAI™

CardiAI™ is a medical device research and development organization in Western Canada. At CardiAI™, we are developing platform-based medical diagnostics devices and software that will transform healthcare worldwide. These health care technologies will provide a sense of assured future and stability impact by improving patient care around the world. CardiAI™ prioritizes patient-centered care by understanding and emphasizing patient needs to their health care and information providers. Our research and development team consists of; cardiologists, biochemists, engineers, molecular biologists, project manages, clinical trial specialists and astute business leaders who have a combined total of 150 years of dedicated experience and expertise.

Our innovators are working around the clock to provide the best health care technologies and solutions in the hands of every person. Through careful analysis of health efficiency barriers and informed data interpretation, CardiAI™ is prepared to translate industry-invested funds into well-managed processes. Which will ensure resources are properly utilized and optimize patient outcomes. Further integration of our solutions with advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence separates us from our competitors.

We are partnering with the charitable clinic ‘CHARM Clinic of Calgary’ and ‘DIL Walk Foundation’ to assess the patient needs closely and understanding their expectations from any health care organization. We are providing education and support for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients, CardiAI™ connects an increasing number of CHF patients with their supervising CHF clinic. CardiAI™ leverages clinical resources by implementing secure messaging and symptom tracking. Including integration with wearable devices, such as Apple Watch and Fitbit, collects valuable data for CHF patient analysis. Centralizing a source for pertinent patient data enables clinics to implement evidence-based medicine. CardiAI™ is now extending further into AI-assisted triage of patients, including lab analysis and predicted incident reporting.
Driven by novelty and guided by motivation and recognized again as one of Canada’s best-managed companies for management and leadership CardiAI is integrating laboratory services and staff from across the province will ensure healthcare providers across Alberta are provided with faster access to lab results – leading to better patient outcomes and an enhanced patient experience. Our Lab has been improving the health of Albertans with high-quality diagnostic laboratory services.
CardiAI™ is proud to offer our expert services in specialized areas such as: