Quantitative/Qualitative Electrochemical Measurement of COVID-19 RNA
To disrupt & improve standards of care for positive patient outcomes by leveraging new technologies.
Covid-19 test results in minutes
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About Us

At CardiAI™, we are developing next-generation biomedical diagnostics and software integrated with artificial intelligence for patient care

CardiAI is proud to offer our expert services in specialized areas such as:

    • Development of Clinical Mobile Applications
    • Validation of Health Devices and Mobile Applications
    • Developing algorithms integrated with AI to triage patients
    • Providing advanced diagnostic techniques
    • Conducting Clinical Research & Trials using Advanced Technologies


CardiAI™ is dedicated to innovation and the use of technology to improve and enable precision-based care.

What We Provide

CardiAI™ draws upon the expertise of a variety of health care users, health system experts and knowledgeable technology specialists in the health industry.

Clinics & Diagnostics

CardiAI™ prioritizes patient-centered care by understanding and emphasizing patient needs to their health care and information providers.


The cornerstone of CardiAI™’s unique approach is our diverse team, that has experience with the many components that form our complex...


CardiAI™ believes in partnering with like-minded health organizations, innovators, and health professionals. To solve the many complex problems in healthcare.