International Travel With CardiAI’s “Travel Certificate For COVID-19

As countries are slowly opening their borders for international travel, passengers are required to present a negative COVID-19 results at the time of their travel. To avoid delay(s) on their international travel, passengers should ensure that they have all required documentation along with CardiAI’s COVID-19 travel certificate. CardiAI is an accredited COVID-19 testing facility with multiple facilities across Canada including Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto with numerous collection sites spread throughout the provinces. Collected samples are tested using NAAT technology as per CDC recommendation for international travel and is accompanied with a internationally accepted travel certificate. For emergency and last minute travel, we also offer an express RT-PCR test which guarantee results in less than 4 hrs for ease of the mind and take stress away in these unprecedented times.

Dr. Sumrita Bhat
(Research and Development Scientist)

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